Monday, February 22, 2010

Ver Videos De Travestis Gratis Ayuda Con Windows Media Player?

Ayuda con Windows Media Player? - ver videos de travestis gratis

Yesterday I tried to throw a. Mpg and it was not the mistake I was missing codecs, I tried to see the other and seeing nothing, finally, each video file, with the exception of the MPG or MPEG could. Use System Restore, but nothing helped, then he looked for the codec on the official Microsoft desafortunadamante and had to pay for it (I am not willing to pay, I can not pay for something that already) in the drive. So I thought uninstall version 11 and back to version 9, the standard may have is with my operating system (Windows XP SP2) which I did and I turned my version 9 to play mpg, I installed Windows Essential codec pack and I see them without problems, except the hard drive that I mentioned in thestalo package. The problem is that I want to install my version 11, but reached to 80% of the installation error and tells me I can not. Can I use my old version when booting from XP CD?


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